The Nude

the nude

Societal attitudes toward nudity are always changing, as is evident in popular culture.  For better or for worse we're moving away from the Puritanism of our ancestors and towards the hyper-sexuality of what is obviously the future.

With all the glamorous exposure of the female body, altered by cosmetic surgery or manipulated in advertisements, the attitude toward the naked body among young females is definitely changing. It is more usual to see pictures by girls on social networking sites of themselves posing topless and even naked.

At the same time, there is a growing presence of cultures in Western society where women are required to cover their hair and entire body. I realised that I had conflicting feelings about this while painting “The Nude”. Given the conflicting attitudes present in our society toward exposure or coverage of the female body, it seems remarkable that the female mind doesn´t seem to be equally important to that of the female body. Controversy always concerns the body while the head is still mysteriously veiled.


Oil on canvas

70 x 90cm


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