Ordinary Day

ordinary day

As an artist, I am not only drawn to subjects who inspire me because of the beauty or timelessness, but also to issues which provoke me or that I cannot quite understand.

The theme for this painting came from a news story in 2004, when a young Palestinian woman Reem Raiyshi, detonated a bomb strapped to her body and thus became the first female suicide bomber.

The shocking side to the story was a fact that she wasn´t a single warrior woman fighting for the sake of ideological conviction, but instead an ordinary housewife, married and the mother of two young children.

Her role as a mother and a suicide bomber was in stark contrast to the archetype of motherhood, a kind and caring woman who is selflessly devoted to her children, the image of Madonna idealized by artists in every epoch of Western civilization. In this respect, Reem Raiyshi presents a challenge to the very definition of what being 'woman' is, since in many cultures being a mother is seen as a woman's biological destiny.

In my painting, I have pictured the moment after she woke up on a seemingly ordinary day, when she had to get up, go to the bathroom and dress as usual; probably sit down to help her small children to dress and to talk to them about all the small things on their minds that day. The only unusual part of her daily routine would be attaching a suicide belt under her clothing and knowing that she would leave the house, never to return.


Oil on canvas

145 x 150cm


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