Home Alone


One of the issues I came to work with, and which affected me the most, was the issue  of self-harm. Once I started to look into the matter, I was startled by the emerging picture.

The most remarkable thing about it was that the young people – and specially young women - appeared to be very successful in every sense; yet they secretly and regularly harmed themselves.

There were so many expectations – to be flawless physically, to succeed at school/work, to be popular and entertaining, to find a perfect partner, to have an amazing life.

The pressure of modern life seems to lie not in major events, but in our experience day in, day out. Whether we realise it or not, every day of our life we are surrounded by unrealistic images of how we should look, act and think.

It’s enough to make those with plenty of life experience and maturity buckle, but it’s the young who feel the strain the most.

Their reflected feelings have shaped my painting.


Oil on canvas

130 x 130cm


Selected Artwork


Commissioned Portraits