Lt. Gen. Wilhelm Mohr

Commissioned by the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

Lt General Wilhelm Mohr is a former Norwegian Spitfire pilot and officer in the Air Force, one of the most senior Norwegian World War II heroes.

Mohr continued in the Air Force after the war, where he was adjutant to King Haakon VII and later Chief of Staff of the Air Defence Command. From 1963 to 1969, Mohr was Chief of the Air Force and his last position in the Air Force was as director of the National Defence College.
I felt very  privileged to be able to meet and portray the General; not so much because of his high rank, but because of who he was as a person. Talking to him was like living with him through a part of history long before I was born; needless to say he was a excellent story teller, more bringing it all back in full colour.

I´ve also learned that he was quite a photographer himself, keeping his own records of wartime. I asked him to see his albums, to which he agreed. I had the most amazing experience looking through very private moments of the war and his own life, where pictures of Spitfires taking off were followed by his firstborn being bathed by his young wife.

That is how I decided to use two of his own photos on the wall behind him. Since it wasn´t a private commission, I chose the Spitfires and himself as a young pilot, bringing the essence of who he became back to the time where it all started.

wilhelm mohr

Oil on canvas

70 x 90cm


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