Inspiration can happen at any time; often I am struck by the appearance of an individual that I see in the street and then can't  get them out of my mind, wondering what their story is, how their life has progressed and how this could be translated into a painting.

When I saw a Polish  girl in a local coffee shop serving beverages, all dressed in white and covering her hair with a headscarf, I knew that I had to paint her; not only because her face was beautiful, with a child-like innocence, but there also was clearly a story behind her choice of faith. I learned that she was a Catholic who had converted to Islam.

Faith is perhaps is one of the most fascinating things about the human mind, with such a variety of different viewpoints. I believe faith helps humans to find a sense of belonging. Whether this sense of belonging is found through faith or by other means, what is common to all of us is the tendency to marginalise those who don't believe as we do. It is also not unusual to consider ourselves better than those who haven't been similarly 'enlightened'.

The story of this girl raises many questions in all of us; as an artist I don't pretend to know what the answers are, I present a story that can be understood - or misconstrued - by the viewer whose own interpretation gives the answer they desire.


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